Bosch WAU28UM0FG


9kg load capacity 1400RPM I C energy label Build quality: mid-range

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The Bosch WAU28UM0FG is a large, energy-efficient washing machine with 15 wash cycles. The dial allows you to choose from cycles for cotton, wool, delicate laundry, and more. You’ll be albe to do the laundry of 5 people or more. For an extra quick wash, select the SpeedPerfect button. This allows you to clean half a load up to 65% faster. The EcosSilence Drive motor ensures the washing machine is relatively silent even while spinning. As a result, you can safely place the appliance near your lounge or bedroom. It’s possible to run a cold wash starting at 20°C. Do you have bedding or washcloths? You can clean them hygienically at 60°C. If you want to clean the drum when it’s empty, use the cotton cycle at 90°C.


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